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Hours: 8am-8pm CST Daily
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RDP Capital Group is a small business with a passion and desire to help other small businesses sustain, expand, grow and prosper through funding. Our mission is to provide small business owners an alternative to traditional bank loans. 

We combined our passion for Main Street with cutting-edge technology to evaluate businesses based on their actual performance, not personal credit. This enables us to say “yes” more often and faster than traditional lenders, which lets owners spend their time where it should be, on growing their business, not seeking financing.

Knowing full well how stressful the bank loan application can be, RDP Capital Group has developed a quick and painless application process suited to cater to your financial needs and requirements. We have access to an abundance of resources to facilitate your application process in a prompt, professional and efficient manner. Our process allows you to secure a loan from the comfort of your home.

We are available 7 days a week and service all types of businesses across the nation. Apply today and GET FUNDED FAST!